2018 plans

Tene mehodihi will have two adventures for summer 2018 to continue building infrastructure for future hikes. We will also be hosting a first aid course before hand for students to attend.

Hike 1 – A 3-week hike utilizing the trail between Iskut and Telegraph Creek, cleared from last year’s crew. Plans include visits to an active exploration drill site, which was offered to the group last year as well as conducting a plant sampling program.  Students will also get the opportunity to hike into Mount Edziza provincial park accompanied by UBC professor who will teach how to perform a baseline study.

Hike 2 – We need to prepare a new hike that will be ready for 2019. This will involve clearing trails, finding good camping locations and determining the future education program. This year we will hike into the Klappan and then raft down the Klappan River to the Stikine River and end at Stikine Landing.