Since 2016, Tahltan Youth have led the effort to re-establish traditional trails and bring Tahltan students onto the land. We have been actively building programs to give students a passion to pursue post secondary education

Our Mission

Tene Mehodihi will be an immersive program for Tahltan youth to understand and practice Tahltan culture, tradition and knowledge on the land.  

This program will learn traditional and modern survival skills prompting teamwork and leadership. The hope is that students would be educated on the land and prompted to further their education in the community, with Elders, and to attend University.

We can no longer fight with bows or arrows or knives strapped to our hands. We must fight with education.
— John Carlick, Tahltan Ancestor

Long term vision

With August 2017 designed as a pilot year, 2018 will begin the first year of the program. The long term vision is to have 5 different adventures running through the summer. Long term goals will be for students to acquire industry valid certifications (first aid, swift water rescue, avalanche rescue, ect.) that will be built into this high-school accredited program. Tene mehodihi will introduce students to a variety of different industries on the land which will help inspire Tahltan and community students to pursue a post-secondary education after high-school.


What We've Achieved

  • 2016, constructed a foot bridge on the Tahltan Trail between the Tahltan communities of Iskut and Telegraph Creek.

  • 2017, Executed pilot program. Visited GT Gold exploration camp where students received a geology lesson and participated in a baseline plant study.

  • 2018, partnered with UBC and will be working with UBC professor and UBC Geering up students to help build the land-based curriculum.